Luis Gonzálvez Lozano

Luis Gonzálvez Lozano (born in Elche, Alicante-Spain, in 1958), lives in Belgium since 1988 where he has discovered his passion for ceramics. His ceramic sculptures are elaborated with clay from diverse origins.

In his sculptural work, abstract language is employed as a means of expression that conveys the equivalency between thought and its materiality. The artist lucidly presents the diverse relationships that create a system of visual and perceptual integration. It is a creative process that does not merely reproduce a visual model, but rather imprints upon his creation an order of its own, striving to propose sensitive interpretations about nature and its dynamics between appearance, presence, dimensionality, and absence. Sculpture opens space and uses it to create property, modifying what was there, thereby creating a different entity.

Distinctive characteristics are the use of multiple materials and minerals, fired at high temperatures and a never ending search for balance and movement.

“Exploring materials and textures, playing with strong lines and balances, I aim to create dynamics and visualize emotions, feelings or ideas to surprise and provoke reflections.”

Luis received in 2018 in the Brussels City Hall the “Silver Cross of artistic Merit” in the Order of the Netherlands and the Hispanic World.

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