Jade Van der Mark

Jade Van Der Mark painting


My paint tubes are my friends, and my canvases are my words.
They are a scream to society and my life lessons.
My heart, and my fantasy, my love and my soul.


For Jade Van der Mark, painting is an attempt to be understood. It’s a trustworthy way to tell her stories. It’s a life style, helping her to stay true to herself.


Van der Mark, born in 1990, grew up in Bergen, a small art village in the north of The Netherlands. She had her first exhibition in the backyard goat barn. Her whole childhood she was surrounded by creativity, art and a backyard full of animals.


At the age of 16 Van der Mark’s parents got divorced, turning her life upside down. She started to cope with the loss of her father through her painting.


I feel that developing as a human being goes together with pain and transformation. God and painting were her only way to happiness channeling all the pain, loneliness and disconnectedness into her paintings. Using it as a mirror for self-reflection and inspiration.


Digitalization is changing our lives so fast, focusing only on our screens instead of each other. When I walk down the streets I see a lot of selfishness and disconnected people. These observations influence my paintings, embed them with an emotional charge and message that I hope will give people a wake-up call.


Each individual painting contains its own secret, only revealing itself to you if you stop and take the time to really look.


Having attended and disappointedly left 3 leading Dutch art schools (Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, Artez Arnhem and KABK Den Hague) it has become clear to me that having a degree from an art school is important for some, but it just does not fit my needs as a creative.


I have always intuitively believed that, as an artist, it is important to be able to create without rules or authority. Painting stands at the core of who I am, it is an interaction between me and God. This is a believe I will not abandon, until the day I die.


It is still a challenge for women to enter the art scene and get people to see my paintings.


Using my paint tubes as friends and my canvases as words I set out to experience this world, taste raw emotions, have beautiful art pieces bring tears to my eyes and convert this into a painting that might possibly achieve the same.
I want to paint, paint, paint and that’s it!


Contact details Jade Van der Mark:

Website: www.statementmadebyjade.com
E-mail: jadevandermark@hotmail.com